SoCal Heat Hub Year 2 Community Partner Roundtable

Written by: Nicole Fassina Community engagement and meaningful collaboration are at the foundation of the Hub’s values to address critical extreme heat challenges. By fostering open dialogue and creating opportunities for strong partnerships, we aim to enhance community engagement and ensure that our research is shared with and informed by diverse perspectives. In line with the necessity for meaningful community … Read More

GeoPaths Scholar Daniel Self Reflects on His Research and His Experience in the Heat Hub

Written by: Daniel Self This past spring, I had the pleasure of being selected for the GeoPaths Internship program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I was matched with mentors Rachel Clemesha and Kristen Guirguis at the Southern California Heat Hub for a research project that culminated in a scientific poster presentation at the Mesa College Research Conference. This was my … Read More

Connecting Heat Hub Science with K-12 Education

Written by: Nicole Fassina Education plays a pivotal role in tackling issues related to climate change by educating young students and empowering them to engage actively in advocating for environmental justice. Education not only imparts knowledge, but also possesses the transformative power to shape attitudes and behaviors, empowering students to have agency over their personal growth and societal impact. Understanding … Read More

Exploring EarthLab: Uniting Science, Education, and Community Engagement

Written by: Nicole Fassina and Maren Hale “EarthLab is a valuable outdoor space for experiential learning, but what makes EarthLab special is the people.” – Amy Knight, UCSD-EarthLab Program Manager Adjacent to the Millennial Tech Middle School (MTM) campus in Encanto, San Diego, sits EarthLab, a 4-acre outdoor climate action park owned by the San Diego Unified School District and … Read More

Welcome Xueli Yang to the Team!

Written by: Maren Hale and Xueli Yang The SoCal Heat Hub is excited to be growing our team to include postdoctoral scholar, Xueli Yang! Xueli will be working alongside Dr. Morgan Levy on ecohydrology research as part of Theme 3. Xueli received a Ph.D. in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering from Arizona State University in 2023, and an M.S. in … Read More

Cooler Communities Connects Heat Hub Science with Students’ Lives

Written by: Nan Renner, SoCal Heat Hub co-PI for K12 Education to Broaden Participation and Birch Aquarium at Scripps Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships. Cooler Communities — curriculum created by San Diego Unified School District’s STEAM Team with support from the SoCal Heat Hub — compels fifth-grade students to think critically and creatively about their local environment. Teachers from 84 … Read More

Exploring the Connection Between Extreme Heat and Housing Insecurity in San Diego County

Written by: Nicole Fassina Extreme Heat and Housing Insecurity  Heat waves are extreme weather events characterized by long periods of high temperatures. Due to their climate-change driven frequency and severity in recent years, these natural phenomena have garnered increasing attention. While heat waves impact various regions across the globe, their relevance in San Diego County cannot be overlooked. San Diego … Read More

Heat Hub PhD Student Laney Wicker Presents Her Research at AGU

Written by: Laney Wicker In December 2023, 25,000 geoscientists from around the world flocked to San Francisco, California, to attend the annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference. The research presented at AGU covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from emerging satellite technology to climate adaptation strategies. Scientists present cutting-edge research techniques and findings, while policymakers and educators address how … Read More

Dr. Kristen Guirguis Publishes New Research on Prediction of Winter Extreme Weather Events

Written by: Maren Hale Hub researcher Kristen Guirguis, along with hub researchers Sasha Gershunov, Rachel Clemesha, and other colleagues, recently published a paper outlining a method for predicting extreme winter weather events in California at a subseasonal scale. The paper, titled “Subseasonal Prediction of Impactful California Winter Weather in a Hybrid Dynamical-Statistical Framework” describes a modeling approach in which historical … Read More

SoCal Heat Hub Launches Weather Stations Education Project

Written by Nicole Fassina and Maren Hale Our education and research teams have been working together since early this summer on an exciting Hub sub-project to bring data science opportunities to schools through weather station installations.  We hope to provide weather stations to various schools across San Diego County over the next several years, and co-design uses of weather data … Read More